Norma Bradley

Multi Media Artist

The natural world provides inspiration and endless symbolic meanings. There are moments in the day when the falling of a leaf, or a tree before me glows with its unique markings, colors and rhythm. At other moments a memory of a place, person or experience reveals itself. It is those moments that seem to infuse my work and bring a spiritual meaning to the process.

Allowing the process to unfold, I work intuitively, as I combine mediums. Natural materials, fiber, photographs and words merge as new ideas blossom into a new form. The desire to explore, create and enter a mysterious place of possibility is the motivation for each new piece.

It is through my public installations and my teaching that I share my passion as I address social, political, environmental and aesthetic concerns. The public is invited to participate and experience the development of creative work. It is my desire to affect change in the lives of individuals and communities in positive ways.




All designs, images, and text © 2015 Norma Bradley Earth Quilt Designs
For information or to arrange a presentation or workshop, please contact Norma at 828-273-7509 or
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