Earth Quilts Poetry

Time and again, I have seen joyful participation in the Earth Quilt project prime the creative energy of the participants. Enjoy these gifts – a sampling of poetry read at dedication celebrations.

Mother Earth

The bright golden sun was shining
down on her face. As I watched her work I saw something new.
It was in her eyes, it was written all over her. It sang out to her.
It was saying to her make the earth into a quilt. Then it came to her.
Put feelings to bed at night, put them in to the earth,
rocks, sand, stone, paper, and what ever she could find.
She then realized that her efforts would have to
extend to the community, city, county, state, and then
the whole world. Then something else sang out to her.
It was saying put in feelings. Make things happy, sad, mad, overwhelmed,
and all other feelings.
Then the voice sang out to her again. This time it sang out ELIADA!!!

That’s where she found me. My name is Eva Jean. I’m 17 now. Ms. Norma
has helped me to express myself in many new ways.

I give her a special thanks.

Eva Jean, 1996

Eliada Homes, NC

Making A Difference

This new “Earth Quilt” you see,
at the Danbury Government Center,
Was created with love with help from us kids,
which made us feel like winners.

We learned to be a tem,
and work together side by side,
We planted Flowers and put sand between bricks,
with Ms. Bradley as our guide.

We hope you enjoy the beauty that it brings,
and maybe together we can make a difference,
by doing wonderful things.

Tate Weston Rogers, 1997

Stokes County Summer Youth Recreation

The Garden

Birds and flowers everywhere,
With nature smells wafting through the
Giant squares, circles, and triangles,
Lots of bright green vines with lots of
I feel fuzzy leaves brushing against me,
And lean down on my knee.
Now I only have one more thing to
I am glad we made this garden today!

Hanna Leker, 2001

Douglas Elementary School, NC


Her memory drifts through my mind
The reason I seem
to find
She liked purple, she liked animals
She was very understandable
She liked children
She was
Essential and
Really nice.
She gave us eyes to see the world in a different way
“I care for children,”she used to say
When I think of the letter P,
I think about Mrs. Perry
I think of peaceful, purple,
and principal
Now, I think of her in a whole new way
I think of her to this very day.

Santana Beltran, 2002

Ben Hagood Elementary School, SC

Earth Quilts

As she lay the quilt upon the ground it
became the ground and the ground
became the quilt.
Each grasping the other like the
interlocked fingers of people who love
And the children who played there
knew the warmth of the earth
and of the labor of their mother’s hands.

S. Kashkin, 2001

New York City