Mixed Media Gallery


I like the way my brush feels when I apply watercolors to wet and dry paper. The way the white of the paper can be used to create highlights and transparency, to watch how color gets absorbed, settles in and becomes one with the paper. The fluid quality allows me to be spontaneous and loose while also layering color.


Haiga is a haiku in combination with a visual image. I use my camera to take details of mixed-media fiber pieces and using graphic design software, add my haiku.


Ikebana: The practice of Ikebana is centuries old. This ancient art form brings together my lifelong deep connection with our natural world as a medium, as inspiration and love of design. Combined with the written word, my work is taking on new forms and new adventures.

Paintings and Sculpture with Hand Felted Wool

I have been working with natural materials as inspiration and source for over 30 years. What preceded this body of work was working with paint, color, drawing and sculpture in stone. I like the tactile quality, complexity and simplicity of the process of working with wool; inventing and experimenting with new techniques and seeing new forms and textures emerge. Much like paint the physical involvement of this process is engaging. Working in an intuitive, meditative manner I allow each new piece to develop by listening and responding to the colors, tactile qualities, textures and the melody within me. There is something to discover with each new piece. The resultant work is abstract and symbolic. It is my hope that you the observer will become engaged and will discover your own meanings and that each piece will continue to invite you back to make new discoveries.


 In this new series I am cutting and drawing with my scissors and the needle of my sewing machine. Each handcut is unique and cannot be duplicated. I work spontaneously, constantly improvising. Movement, transformation and finding the balance between the natural world and humankind inspires the work.